DSP Sine Wave Solar Hybrid Inverters

A DSP sine wave solar hybrid inverter is a piece of the solar energy puzzle. Its purpose is to change the direct current (DC) electricity that is generated from a photovoltaic panel into an alternating current (AC) that can be used by in-home appliances and the community electricity grid. Because all photovoltaic panels produce electricity in DC, an inverter is required for all solar power systems to make the electricity usable.

DSP Sine Wave Solar Hybrid Inverters

We are largest and oldest DSP sine wave solar hybrid inverters manufacturer in New Delhi, India. We offer DSP based sine wave solar hybrid inverters from 600VA to 5KVA. We also have high frequency DSP based sine wave solar inverters for 600VA, 800VA and 1500VA ratings for bulk OEM buyers.

One of the biggest issues of a DSP Sine Wave Solar Hybrid Inverters is efficiency. We use special techniques to draw more power from same panel ,thus reducing panel size and battery size. It will help us to reduces over all system cost.


DSP / Micro-controller Based
Compact and portable
Pollution free
Maintenance free
In built three stage intelligent solar charge controller
Option for true sine wave or modified sine wave
Hybrid inverter (Dual charger - AC MAIN OR SOLAR WHICH IS AVAILABLE)
Efficiency more then 90%
PWM Charging with temperature compensation
With built in battery saver to increase battery life
Dusk / Dawn feature to improve efficiency
Reduced overall system cost
Protection- Deep discharged battery, Overload, Short circuit, Over charging
Indication- Load, Low battery, Charging, Charged, Over Load, Fault

Payment & shipping terms:

Minimum order quantity: Negotiable
Packing details as per customers' requirement
Delivery time: Within 1 week after receiving confirmed order.
Payment terms: L/C, T/T, Transfer
Supply Ability: 20000 sets per month

what our clients think

  • Wow, DSP Sinewave Inverter and Home UPS Cards are just awesome. DSP Sinewave Kits Single Card Design help us assemble sinewave inverters in just 15min. They are high quality designed and highly field tested designs. A K Singh, Shubha Power, Mumbai.

  • Wow, DSP Sinewave Inverters and Home UPS are just awesome. Single Card Design help us provide better service in field to clients. They are high quality designed and field tested dsp based sinewave inverters. Rajan, Madurai.

  • Wow, DSP Sinewave Solar Hybrid Inverters and Home UPS Crads are just awesome. There MPPT based solar charge controller and dsp based sine wave technology help us get more than 90% efficiency. They are high quality designed and field tested. Naresh Goel, Esharp Solar solutions, Delhi, India.

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